3rd Jan 2018

The re-tender of the Print & Related Services framework which was out to tender on 18th of September has now been evaluated and the mandatory standstill period has successfully passed. A total of 10 suppliers have successfully been awarded a place on the framework agreement which is due to launch to members on 15th January 2018.

The re-tendered framework will be split into the following 3 lots, including:

  • Lot 1 - Printing
  • (Including but not limited to the printing of the following items: prospectuses, letterheads, postcards, flyers, leaflets, reports, newsletters, business cards, guides/brochures, roller banners and large external banners)
  • Lot 2 – Design & Print
  • (Including but not limited to the printing and design of the items in the above list)
  • Lot 3 – Neutral Vendor
  • (A neutral vendor would not provide the print service themselves but would work on behalf of the CPC member to obtain the best value for money and best service from a bank of suppliers. The suppliers might be suggested by the Neutral Vendor and/or by the individual member preferences or the requirement advertised locally for that member. The neutral vendor would manage, control and maintain all customer facing activities directly with the member)

If you have any queries regarding the framework please contact Karis Lucano on [email protected] or 0161 974 0958.