8th Feb 2018

The more keenly observant amongst you may have realised there has been quite a drastic change to our newsletter format. This modern design aligns more closely with the CPC brand which we have been growing over the past few years. An improved member experience is at the core of everything we do and we hope that this new design goes some way toward achieving that.

The design is intended to be cleaner and leaner. It has a more contemporary feel that helps the reader navigate more effectively but retains the more crucial information which is still front and centre. We’ve even managed to increase the functionality without overloading the content by breaking down the email into relevant sections. You will now find the latest news from around the sector up first followed by a few CPC framework updates.

A key difference for updated newsletter is a space for our recent blog posts. The brand new CPC blog will cover off everything from hints and tips, useful links and best practices to more personal stories from the CPC family. Hopefully the blog will have something for all our members to enjoy.

We are always trying to improve the way we communicate with our members and would very much appreciate any feedback you have. Any comments or requests can be sent to our Web & Marketing Manager, Lee Duckworth.