1st Jun 2018

The CPC Agreement for Sports, Fitness and Gym Equipment was awarded on 13th April 2015, and has come to the end of its initial 3 year period. Members will be happy to hear that the majority of suppliers agreed to extend the framework for its final year until 12th April 2019 on the existing agreement terms.

Unfortunately, Reydon Sports are taking their business in a new direction, and have requested to not be included in the extension period. Reydon were on Lot 1: Sports Equipment & Clothing, Including Non-Commercial Fitness Equipment. CPC are confident that in their absence, Maudesport Limited will be able to provide for all of our members requirements for this final period.

Should any member have any concerns or queries with regards to usage of the lot in question which now includes only one supplier, they are encouraged to contact Lisa O’Shea, Junior Contracting Officer, via email [email protected] or on 0161 974 0947. The supplier list for Lot 2: Commercial Fitness & Gym Equipment has been unaffected.