1st Jun 2018

The re-tender of our outsourced catering services framework is now live on our tendering system for suppliers to bid for. The tender documents are now available for suppliers to download via the CPC Sourcing Cloud. The tender is being carried out using the Open Procedure and has been split into 32 lots with a maximum of 20 suppliers per lot as detailed below:

Lots 1 – 16 – Colleges / Large Academy Trusts (8 or more Schools in the Trust) / Universities

There are 16 regional lots for Colleges / Academy Trusts (8 or more Schools in the Trust) and Universities.

Lots 17 – 32 – Academies / Small Academy Trusts (up to7 Schools in the Trust) and Schools

There are 16 regional lots for Academies / Small Academy Trusts (up to 7 Schools in the Trust) and Schools.

We would appreciated it if you could inform your incumbent and/or any other suppliers you may work with who may be interested in tendering and ask them to register on the CPC Sourcing Cloud. Once registered, they will be able to express an interest in bidding for the tender and download the tender documents. Tender returns are due back by 12noon on Monday 2 July 2018. We expect the new framework to be launched on the 1 September 2018. The new framework will run for an initial period of two years with the option to extend for a further two x one year periods. If you have any questions please contact Senior Contracts & Procurement Officer Keeley Blackburn via email or on 0161 974 0945.