5th Jul 2018

At the Association of School and College Leaders conference in Nottingham, Lord Agnew encouraged schools to drill into their photocopying charges as one way to identify cost savings.

Lord Agnew drew on his experiences from his chairmanship of the Inspiration Trust, commenting that by removing the colour printing option from printers the Trust was able to make significant cost per copy savings. He also eluded to the Trust inheriting a number of very bad leases as schools joined the Trust, a position which we know many have come across.

This is where the CPC Multifunctional Printing Devices Framework can help. The framework comes with access to a range of consultancy services provided by an independent framework manager, to help you get the most value out of your internal printing arrangements. You can also benefit from a free print audit to help you evaluate what would work best for you rather than simply re-procuring what has always been in place.

There is no need to worry about getting tied into unfavourable contract terms either as the framework comes with a pre-agreed contract that will apply between you and your chosen provider, providing you with protection against unscrupulous suppliers.

Take a look at the case studies written by schools and colleges that have used the framework to see what they have to say.

Visit the framework page for more information on the CPC Multifunctional Printing Devices Framework or call the dedicated framework helpdesk on 08450 179908.