15th Feb 2019


Did you know you could receive cashback if you report any spend that has not been reported by a supplier? When you report missing spend for a framework to CPC and we recover it, you will receive 25% (excluding VAT) of the income that is due to CPC from the supplier. Our biggest cash back to date is £3123.98 so it’s well worth taking a few minutes to check your spend each quarter. Over the years Liaison Officers who have completed the member spend report have realised quite a number of discrepancies.

Should you find any discrepancies between your spend and what has been reported, kindly contact Liz Owen via [email protected] or call Liz on 0161 974 0948 with the following information to hand:

  • Supplier name
  • Account number
  • Invoice numbers
  • Invoice dates
  • Purchase order number
  • Total value

Once you have provided these details we will investigate the spend and let you know the outcome.

Checking your spend figures only takes a few minutes. View your institutions report by logging into your CPC membership account.

Guidance on checking your member spend report is available here.