15th Apr 2019

CPC have received an application for us to consider the contract novation of Butterworth Spengler formally trading as FE Protect (05058649) to FE Protect (09480879). The documentation and information provided by the parties has been assessed and CPC have agreed to accept and process the contract novation with effect from 20th March 2019. FE Protect have now replaced Butterworth Spengler on the CPC Insurance and Associated Services for Colleges framework.

The contact points at FE Protect remain unchanged so this should have no effect on members currently running a tender process. Should you have any queries on this please contact Alan Tune, FE Protect Director on 07581 179 6321 or email [email protected]

Members who are currently in contract with Butterworth Spengler should have already received a letter regarding the potential contract novation, for consideration in respect of your own contract.

Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Contract Manager Gary Sadler on 0161 974 0940 or email [email protected]