15th Apr 2019

Information and communication technology (ICT) in education plays a crucial role in the process of exploiting technology to enhance education and learning. CPC is actively looking to identify ways that improve the quality of our services, helping us deliver fit for purpose frameworks to our members that are tailored to meeting your needs. We would welcome your feedback in understanding the critical ICT drivers for your organisation and are inviting you to complete a short survey. The purpose of this survey is to examine and capture critical data relating to the use of ICT Frameworks by our members. Should you feel that you don’t have the ICT detail to complete this survey, we would be thoroughly grateful if you could pass the survey onto your ICT Specialist.

The results of this survey will be extremely useful in formulating CPC’s ICT Strategy including helping to define the scope of the new Desktop Hardware framework so that it can be designed to deliver the right outcomes for our members.

Take the survey

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey and we sincerely value your input in this exercise.

Should you require any further information please contact Ioana Maier, Specialist Contracts and Procurement Officer on 0161 974 0958 or email [email protected].