Date Article
9th Feb 2022 Transforming Public Procurement - Our response to the Green Paper

Following the recently published Government response to the Transforming Public Procurement Green Paper Consultation, we've prepared the following guidance for members and clients

25th Nov 2021 What are the new Public Procurement Thresholds for 2022?

New public sector procurement thresholds will come into force on 1st January 2022

4th Jan 2021 Impact of Covid-19 on the Outsourced Catering marketplace

We asked Tenet Education Services Catering Consultant, Jonathan Whittle what his thoughts were on the current catering marketplace.

14th Jul 2020 Procurement activities to prepare for re-opening of schools and colleges

Following DfE’s guidance on reopening schools and colleges, consider how procurement might be called upon to support getting all students back in September.

23rd Mar 2020 COVID-19 FAQs for CPC frameworks

A series of FAQs for utilisation of CPC frameworks while we navigate the COVID-19 crisis

13th Nov 2019 How to minimise modern slavery risks in your supply chain

New guidance on identifying and managing the risks of modern slavery in your procurement activity.

18th Oct 2018 E-tendering systems - is it now compulsory to use one?

All procurements that exceed the EU threshold must be conducted electronically post 18 October 2018.

6th Feb 2018 What Is A Framework?

A framework is a contract awarded normally to several suppliers (usually 3 or more), although technically it could be awarded to a sole supplier.