Date Article
3rd Jan 2017 MFD Framework Live on Website

Multifunctional Devices and Associated Print Services and Supplies framework live on CPC website.

3rd Jan 2017 Social and Environmental Considerations in Tender Procedures

Guidance about implementing social and environmental aspects into procurement procedures.

3rd Jan 2017 Audit Services Framework Live on Website

The framework is now live on the CPC website.

15th Dec 2016 Legal Services Framework Extension

Legal Services framework will now be extended until 31st January 2018.

15th Dec 2016 Onerous Practices in Procurement and Contracting

Procurement Policy Note from Crown Commercial Services.

15th Dec 2016 Office Furniture Framework Review Meetings

Review meetings are due in January 2017.

1st Dec 2016 Fresh New Look for Our Estates & Facilities Category Handbook

We have a brilliant, brand new handbook with updated information for you.

1st Dec 2016 CPC Membership Rewards Scheme

We have a brand new exciting rewards scheme for our members.

1st Dec 2016 Washroom Services Framework Launch Date Extended

The launch date for the Washroom Services framework has now been extended.

1st Dec 2016 Electronic Communications in Above Threshold Tenders

Guidance on electronic communications in tenders over the EU threshold.

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