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1st Mar 2021

Contact us early to get your local contractors added onto CPC’s new Minor Works DPS

Question: Are your local contractors on our new Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)? Should the answer be no and you have an upcoming minor works requirement, we would like you to engage with us as early as possible so that we can work with you to signpost any of your trusted contractors to register onto the DPS.

2nd Feb 2021

A new CPC Insurance framework for Colleges

CPC are delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new insurance framework for colleges.

2nd Feb 2021

Staff Absence Protection and Reimbursement framework opportunity

CPC have advertised a new tender opportunity on behalf of members for providers of Staff Absence Protection and Reimbursement.

2nd Feb 2021

Switch, don’t stick with your current energy contract

Have you had a surprise invoice from your energy provider, didn’t achieve the savings you were expecting or under budget pressure? Should this be the case, then it’s worthwhile exploring your options.

2nd Feb 2021

Pre-market engagement for CPC Print and Related Services framework

CPC’s Print and Related Services framework is due to expire in January 2022. CPC are looking to engage with members to help improve the upcoming framework in order for us to successfully continue providing for our members’ needs.

2nd Feb 2021

30 Day Wellbeing Challenge with Jamie Peacock

CPC's sole Staff Absence Insurance framework supplier, Schools Advisory Service (SAS) have recently launched a 30 day wellbeing programme for those aged 10 and over in partnership with the former Rugby League Champion player, Jamie Peacock.

2nd Feb 2021

Buildings and facilities improvement funding

January 2021 has seen the release of two DfE capital fund schemes aimed at improving building and facilities in the education sector. Those institutions working on their applications can use the CPC Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to obtain contractor quotations required as part of the application process.

2nd Feb 2021

Now is a great time to think about CCTV for your institution

CCTV systems have a series of benefits and with the upcoming half term break for schools and colleges, now is the time to think about installing or upgrading your CCTV system for your institution.

2nd Feb 2021

Hopwood Hall College used CPC’s ICT frameworks to supply equipment to their students and staff

Hopwood Hall College used both CPC’s ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework and ICT Solutions and Supply of Network Infrastructure framework to supply 1000 pieces of equipment to support remote learning.

2nd Feb 2021

ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework – now recommended by the DfE

The Department for Education has approved the CPC ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment agreement and it is recommended on the ‘Find a DfE approved framework for your school’ website.

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