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5th Dec 2023

PAG Presents arrives, RAAC webinar now confirmed

As our Procurement Advisory Group (PAG) meetings continue around the United Kingdom, we were pleased to recently provide the first of our PAG Presents webinar engagements.

5th Dec 2023

Latest from Dukefield Energy, as webinars continue

CPC's Michelle Newcombe was a part of Dukefield Energy's energy market update and efficiency webinars for October and November, joining CEO Nick Gauntlett and others.

5th Dec 2023

TUCO dish up healthy fruit and veg framework

In our last CPC Newsletter, we re-introduced members to TUCO (The University Catering Association), with this feature highlighting one of the specific buying frameworks they have to offer.

5th Dec 2023

Tenet services continue to support UK institutions

A staple of procurement service provision since the 1990s, Tenet Education Services continues to promote a useful selection of procurement support solutions within the education space.

5th Dec 2023

CPL Learning produces educational bitesize videos

Our sister educational wing, CPL Learning, has put together some handy and helpful explanatory videos to support sector professionals.

5th Dec 2023

Procure your new role at CPC for 2024 and beyond

2024 is set to be a big year for the CPC brand and we're currently looking for new talent to join us, with our latest set of career opportunities with our parent CPL Group listed within.

31st Oct 2023

'Giving Back' funding window open in November

The CPL Group, of which CPC is a part, is delighted to be launching a new, four-week grant funding window that opens this November.

28th Sep 2023

CPC underlines new Stationery Supplies offering

We are happy to announce the ink has dried on another new CPC purchasing framework, with the activation of a two-lot Stationery, Print and Education Supplies agreement.

28th Sep 2023

Facilities Supplies framework re-tendered and active

We are pleased to promote a new Facilities Supplies framework from NWUPC, a multi-lot agreement intended to run to 31st July 2025, with a two-year extension option from there.

28th Sep 2023

Dukefield Energy webinars resume with CEO Gauntlett

CPC's appointed energy consultant and sole suppliers on the DfE-approved Utilities Supplies & Services framework, Dukefield Energy partnered with CPC for another online discussion in September.

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