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3rd Apr 2020

A brand-new Security Services framework is coming soon

The framework will serve as a route to market for any members with a requirement for a variety of security services.

3rd Apr 2020

Crown Paints price update

Price increases have been confirmed by Crown Paints. Crown have provided rationale for these increases.

3rd Apr 2020

New Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies framework

CPC have launched a new framework which will meet the Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies needs of CPC members.

3rd Apr 2020

New Mechanical, Electrical & Building Fabric Maintenance framework

CPC have launched a new framework which allows members to work with a single contractor capable of delivering their full Mechanical and Electrical requirements.

3rd Apr 2020

Support for students studying at home from Library Resources Suppliers

Suppliers on the Library Resources Framework have provided an update of what they are doing in order to help member institutions out at a time of social isolation.

3rd Apr 2020

Brand-new framework for Firefighting Equipment and Associated Services

NEUPC has launched a new framework for Firefighting Equipment and Associated Services to deliver an efficient and compliant route to market for members.

31st Mar 2020

The cost of energy has reduced due to the current COVID-19 situation

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and reduced economic activity, Crude Oil prices have collapsed leading to a 4 year energy market low point.

30th Mar 2020

Payment of suppliers to ensure service continuity during and after the COVID-19 outbreak

The Cabinet Office have issued a Procurement Policy Note setting out information and guidance for all public bodies concerning payment of their suppliers to assist with service continuity during and after the current Coronavirus outbreak.

20th Mar 2020

CPL Group funding update – COVID-19

CPC members will be aware that the latest round of grant funding applications launched in February 2020 and was scheduled to be open until April 24th 2020.

19th Mar 2020

Procurement – Responding to COVID-19

The Cabinet Office have published a Procurement Policy Note with information and guidance on the public procurement regulations and responding to the current Coronavirus outbreak.

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