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19th Oct 2017

Feedback Request for Desktop Hardware Review Meetings

We need your feedback with the Desktop Hardware Framework review process...

19th Oct 2017

Alexandra Price Increase

Increase to pricing on the PPE and Clothing Framework...

19th Oct 2017

Building Cleaning Services Framework Feedback Survey

We would love it if you would take the time to complete a feedback survey on the Building Cleaning Services Framework...

6th Oct 2017

It’s Not too Late to Earn A Share of CPC Income by Identifying Unreported Framework Spend

We are on hand to help you identify unreported CPC framework spend...

6th Oct 2017

CPC Member Survey

Have you completed the 2017 Member Survey yet?

6th Oct 2017

Further Competition Template Document Now Available for Building Cleaning Services

To assist our members we've put together a template for running a Further Competition on the Building Cleaning Services framework...

5th Oct 2017

Washroom Services Feedback Required

We would really appreciate your thoughts on the Washroom Services framework ahead of the review meetings in mid October...

5th Oct 2017

The Role of Procurement In Cyber Security

If you think cyber security isn't your problem, think again...

5th Oct 2017

Cashless Payment Systems Framework Live on Website

Our comprehensive new Cashless Payment Systems framework is available now to our members...

18th Sep 2017

Re-Tender of Print & Related Services Framework

Tender documents for suppliers available for the Print & Related Services framework re-tender...

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