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29th Jun 2017

Important Information About the CPC In-Tend Tool

The CPC In-Tend Tool is no longer available.

4th Jul 2017

Reminder for FE Colleges to Publish their Payment Statistics

What to include in your Payment Statistics report.

4th Jul 2017

Leasing Services Framework Out To Tender

Tender return deadline is 17th July 2017.

4th Jul 2017

When a Bidder Doesn’t Submit All the Information Requested in ITT

A bidder hasn’t submitted all the information I requested in my ITT, what should I do?

4th Jul 2017

The Importance of Justifying Scores You Award to Tenderers

Guidance on tender evaluations.

21st Jun 2017

18.69% Saving Demonstrated in Desktop Hardware Framework Benchmark Exercise

Our latest benchmarking activity results from June.

21st Jun 2017

CPC Need your Help - Waste Management Services Framework

We will be going back out to market next month.

21st Jun 2017

PPE and Clothing Framework Feedback Wanted

Ahead of the review meetings with suppliers we need your feedback.

5th Jun 2017

Vehicle Hire, Car Club and Leasing Framework Live on Website

The framework is now available on the CPC website and is split into 3 lots.

5th Jun 2017

Lantei Compliance Services to Host Duty Holder Seminars

One of our suppliers is hosting seminars this month for Duty Holders.

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