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24th Oct 2022

CPC Outsourced Catering framework re-tender

CPC is pleased to confirm the previous CPC-led Outsourced Catering framework has been re-tendered, through discussions with members and suppliers of the previous agreement. 

24th Oct 2022

Cyber Security awareness month - how to stay safe online

With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month, CPC thought it was an opportune time to highlight five big cyber security risks, each that can potentially cause real harm to unsuspecting institutions. 

24th Oct 2022

Multifunctional Devices and Digital Transformation Solutions framework

CPC are receiving a growing number of requests for price increases from suppliers on the CPC Multifunctional Devices and Digital Transformation Solutions framework. 

24th Oct 2022

ICT Hardware - have your say!

CPC have scheduled contract review meetings with all the suppliers on the ICT Hardware & Peripherals Equipment framework. 

24th Oct 2022

Entrance and Access Control retender now live - with a new name!

CPC are pleased to announce that the retender of the pre-existing Entrance and Access Control framework is now live - under a new name!

24th Oct 2022

Free procurement training available from CPL Learning

CPL Learning are delighted to bring to CPC members an unprecedented offer of advanced training for procurement professionals, at zero cost.

17th Oct 2022

Energy Market Update - Government Energy Price Cap Update and Contracts Advice Webinar

The energy market continues to be volatile and many of our members are having concerns over the spiralling costs of energy, particularly those with an upcoming renewal.

15th Sep 2022

Coming soon – the new Communications Solutions framework

CPC’s new and improved Communications Solutions framework is launching in October. The new framework will offer CPC members a compliant route for procuring all communications and telecommunications solutions and services including connectivity, telephone systems and mobile phones.

15th Sep 2022

CPC’s new Corporate Software and Software Licenses frameworks are now live!

CPC are pleased to announce the launch of two new retendered Software frameworks.

15th Sep 2022

Is your institution looking to purchase class sets and text-books?

Maybe your heads of departments purchase class sets and textbooks themselves and are unaware that there is a better way…

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