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1st Oct 2015

Tips on incorporating apprenticeship and skills into public procurement

Last month CCS issued a Procurement Policy Note (PPN) that may be helpful to member institutions who are considering this issue...

1st Oct 2015

Average Saving of 25% on Toilet Tissue for CPC Member

A small exercise was carried out during September on behalf of a member Institution in the South East Region comparing the price of one regularly purchased product on the Toilet Tissue and Related Paper Products Framework...

9th Sep 2015

What Do You Need from Access Control and Smart Card Systems?

We are in the process of organising reviews for the suppliers on the Access Control and Smart Card System Framework. To assist us in that process we would appreciate if you could take a few moments and fill in a short online questionnaire.

1st Sep 2015

Lessons to Be Learnt from an IT Procurement

The European Court ruled on a case referred to it by the Romanian Court, where a supplier of computing systems and equipment challenged a contracting authority in Romania for rejecting their tender on the basis that its computing equipment with an AMD 3.6 Ghz processor, was not up to current market standards.

1st Sep 2015

Building and Estates Supplies Framework Agreements

The CPC have a number of frameworks offering estates departments access to a range of supplies including, plumbing, tools, fasteners & fixings, construction supplies and electrical materials and components...

1st Sep 2015

Member Experiences of Using CPC Frameworks

1st Sep 2015

Catering: Light & Heavy Equipment Framework

The CPC Catering: Light & Heavy Equipment Framework is proving to be a very popular framework with Members...

1st Sep 2015

Changes to A levels Impact on Library Resources

As you may already be aware, from September 2015 there will be changes to the format and assessment of A Levels and new A Levels will be rolled in over a period of time...

1st Sep 2015

Staff Absence Insurance Framework

CPC had hoped to have this framework set up and ready for Members to access from 1st August 2015 but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances there is now going to be a delay to the launch...

1st Sep 2015

6.12% Saving on Office Supplies Framework

Our benchmarking activity during August has included carrying out an exercise on behalf of a member Institution in the South East region on the Office Supplies Framework (Lot 1 : Office Supplies and Electronic Office Consumables.

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