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1st Jul 2015

Supplies Team Merge With Banner Business Services

Customers of Supplies Team will already have been contacted to advise you of the change to their company brand following their recent merger with Banner Business Services...

1st Jul 2015

Is Your Library Supplier Still Covered on Our Framework?

The Library Resources Agreement has been extended for the final year of the agreement to 15th April 2016 with the following suppliers...

1st Jul 2015

Crescent Learning - Your Go To Place for Procurement Resources

The team behind CPC have been working in procurement for many years and we know that the goalposts are always moving; new EU Legislation and changes in best practice can make it difficult to keep up to date and to know that you are doing the right thing, which is where CPC can help you...

1st Jul 2015

CPC and DfE Launch New Legal Services Helpline

DfE (Department for Education) have been working with CPC (Crescent Purchasing Consortium) knowing that many Academies and Schools often want simple Legal Advice...

1st Jul 2015

23% Saving on Beauty Consumables & Kits, 49% Saving on Branding Hair Products & Kits

Our latest benchmarking activity has included carrying out two exercises on behalf of a member Institution in the South West region on two separate frameworks...

1st Jun 2015

Our Payroll Framework is Being Reviewed – We Need Your Help!

Please let us know of any feedback, good or bad regarding the performance of the suppliers on the framework and any other feedback that you think may be relevant. All responses will be raised at the review meeting

1st Jun 2015

Have You Seen Our New Dedicated User Guides?

We’re shortly going to release a second User Guide, this time for anyone running procurements from the Finance department. Again, the focus is on the most useful frameworks to focus on and how to engage the suppliers involved or find the guidance needed.

1st Jun 2015

New Merger Creates a Perfect Partnership

Moore Stephens LLP will remain a supplier on our Audit services framework and we are certain that the merger will result in a higher level of service offering going forward.

1st Jun 2015

PAG is now on LinkedIn – come join the discussion

The Purchasing Advisory Group for Further Education (PAG) is passionate about ensuring that CPC provides exceptional value and service to the FE sector.

1st May 2015

Staff Strategy Day

The CPC team recently visited the picturesque Buile Hall for their annual Staff Strategy Day. There were some admittedly odd scenes, including our catering expert wielding a banana whilst dressed head to toe in chef’s gear.

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