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18th Mar 2014

Soft Furnishings Framework

Further to the article placed in the February newsletter I am pleased to be able to inform you that the Soft Furnishings Framework was launched on Monday 3 March 2014.

31st Jan 2014

National Education Furniture Framework

CPC have adopted the National Education Furniture Framework let by the National Procurement Group (NPG) which offers members Furniture previously not covered in existing Frameworks.

31st Jan 2014

Temporary and Permanent Staffing Framework

We are pleased to announce that the re-tendering of the Temporary and Permanent Staff Services Framework is now complete and the new agreement was formally awarded on 13th January 2014 to 29 suppliers.

31st Jan 2014

The Print and Related Services Framework Launched

Further to last month's article we were delighted to be able to launch the Print and Related Services Framework on Monday 13th January.

31st Jan 2014

Direct Awards Update

There is some uncertainty around Direct Awards when using a framework agreement, we would like to clarify the legal view on this method of using framework agreements.

1st Nov 2009

Colleges Take Control of Purchasing With Their Own Consortium

Colleges will soon be able to experience even greater savings as they are now the new owners of the largest FE purchasing consortium.

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