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6th Jan 2021

Brexit supply chain risk analysis

CPC in conjunction with our colleagues working in Higher Education Consortia have contacted our framework suppliers to find out first-hand what risks if any they perceive will affect their supply chains post Brexit.

7th Dec 2020

Procurement Regulations post Brexit

The Public Procurement (Amendment Etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 have been laid before Parliament in regards to the effective operation of public procurement law after the end of the Brexit transition period.

3rd Sep 2019

October 1st Renewal Notice

Guide for institutions whose energy contracts run until October 1st 2019.

7th Jun 2019

Act now and save more on your energy bills

Now is the time to purchase your energy and save money before the energy market peaks later in the year.

11th Mar 2019

Excluding bidders from a tender process

The Cabinet Office have issued a reminder of the Regulations concerning excluding bidders from tender processes.

15th Feb 2019

Protect your institutions budget by securing your energy contract early

We advise members to get in touch as early as possible if your energy contract is due to expire in April for the best opportunity to optimise your costs and protect your budget.

14th Jan 2019

Now may be the optimal time to reprocure your energy

Do you have a supply contract due to expire in April 2019? The current period of pricing and supply stability may present an optimal time to reprocure your energy supply if your current supply contract is due to expire in April 2019.

14th Jan 2019

PPE & Clothing framework price increase

Due to cost increases since the framework launched in May 2016, L A Clothing Solutions Ltd’s pricing will increase by 3.9% on Monday 14th January.

19th Oct 2017

Alexandra Price Increase

Increase to pricing on the PPE and Clothing Framework...

2nd Mar 2017

Update from NWUPC on Office Furniture Framework Price Increases

Some of our furniture suppliers provide evidence justifying the proposed price increases.

1st Nov 2016

Brexit’s Effect on Procurement Directives

The effect of Brexit on Procurement Directives

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