CPC offer a benchmarking service to all of our members. The purpose of benchmarking is to compare the pricing on our framework agreements to the pricing that you are currently receiving.

The ultimate aim of benchmarking is to demonstrate that using framework agreements provides you with best value for money and, on the very rare occasion where it doesn't, to take action to improve the framework agreement we've set out.

Below you can see a summary of some previous benchmarking exercises that have been carried out and the resulting overall average saving that each member could have achieved had our framework agreements been used. The results below should be used as an indication of savings only - there are no guarantees as to the size of the overall saving you could make for your institution.

All benchmarking requests are undertaken with complete professionalism and members can be assured that all requests are undertaken with complete confidentiality.

If you would like to take advantage of this service and for further information, please contact Peter McMullan, Head of Contracting Services, [email protected].

Summary of Benchmarking Exercises

Year Conducted Category % Saving Summary Doc