Tate Galleries sourced quality PPE at competitive prices


Tate Galleries in London used CPC’s PPE, Clothing and Uniforms framework to source a range of PPE items including: masks, face coverings, visors and gloves for their team. They also sourced associated cleaning products to support the Galleries’ reopening when lockdown measures eased.

This was the first time they had used CPC's framework for the supply of PPE and they experienced some fantastic benefits including: a very fast turnaround period between sourcing and receiving the PPE products, competitive pricing and new supplier relationships.

Quick turnaround times

Tate Galleries contacted CPC in early June with their requirement to source PPE as soon as possible, following government guidance to prepare for the safe reopening of the visitor attraction on the 4th of July. Two weeks after submitting the request using CPC’s Quote Tool, they had already received all of their PPE supplies and therefore had everything in place before the end of June, ready for reopening safely to the public.

Easy and valuable tender process

The framework proved easy to use from start to finish for Tate Galleries. They found the Quote Tool to be especially valuable in keeping all communications and clarifications together, rather than composing individual emails and risking errors.

Access to new suppliers

The main benefit that Tate Galleries found from using the CPC framework was the access to new fully vetted suppliers. The supply market for PPE and cleaning products is a minefield with so much that could go wrong (inadequate product, delivery delays and high pricing). The Tate found that access to a list of suppliers who had already gone through a formal tender process was invaluable and helped them to avoid starting the procurement process from scratch, saving them time.

Competitive pricing achieved

Tate Galleries had never used this framework before as it was a new requirement due to the Covid-19 guidance to enable the Galleries to operate safely. They found the prices received from CPC suppliers on the framework were competitive against the market and this resulted in them buying a significant volume of PPE stock through the framework.

Overall experience

Tate Galleries found the whole procurement experience very smooth, which led to a good outcome and a flourishing relationship with their awarded supplier. When asked if they would use the framework again, Declan McAlister, Head of Procurement at Tate Galleries said:

“At first, the prospect of sourcing PPE during the middle of a pandemic and at the same time as many other businesses seemed a daunting one. However, the CPC PPE framework made it easy for us to source the PPE we needed at the right price and crucially at the right quality. Suppliers were responsive with pricing and quality information and this made it simple to source the correct product. I would certainly use the framework again.” 

Myles Woodman, CPC’s Category Manager for PPE said:

“It is fantastic to receive such excellent feedback. CPC are delighted that Tate Galleries found the PPE framework useful and it has helped them to source key items needed to reopen thanks to a quick and informative response from the framework suppliers.”


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Date published: 16th Dec 2020

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