CPC have created a brand-new Dynamic Purchasing System with multiple suppliers for the supply of Estates and Facilities Consultancy services which will meet a wide range of service needs of its members from the education sector.

The services that shall be provided under this DPS will support Members in delivering a range of works projects and/or programmes which may include but is not limited to:

  • New builds
  • Refurbishments
  • Alterations/extensions
  • Conservation and preservation of buildings and/or structures
  • Maintenance works/programmes
  • Replacement of capital plant, mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Demolitions

The DPS will allow members to engage quickly with competent, capable and committed providers and will remove many of the obstacles that members may face when using traditional tendering methods or other frameworks. 

Key Facts

Start date
9th January 2023
End date
7th January 2028

Key Benefits of this DPS

  1. There are multiple contractors in each category to encourage competition enabling you to demonstrate value for money.
  2. The DPS will also save you time as CPC has already done the due diligence on the contractors, including: Financial stability checks, Health and safety record and process checks, Environmental management checks, Quality management checks
  3. Your local contractor can apply to be on the DPS so you can get quotes from them and other contractors that have passed a vetting process.
  4. All procurement processes are fully auditable as further competitions will be done using the Sourcing Cloud tendering platforms.
  5. All requirements are subject to further competition meaning budget holders will be able to demonstrate the achievement of best value from all procurement processes undertaken via the DPS.
  6. Accelerated timescales – users of the DPS will be able to appoint a contractor to deliver their requirement much quicker than if procuring via an open tender route.
  7. No minimum or maximum project values stipulated for this DPS, all built environment consultancy requirements in scope.

Supplier Details

Lots No. Suppliers
Bid & Funding Specialists 8 View Suppliers
Project Management Consultants 21 View Suppliers
Land Acquisition and Disposal Consultants 2 View Suppliers
Supplier Agreement No.
Carter Jonas 2023/6210
Surveyors and Specialist Consultants 7 View Suppliers
Planning & Approval Consultants 6 View Suppliers
Supplier Agreement No.
Academy Estate Consultants Ltd 2023/6205
Carter Jonas 2023/6210
D P P Planning 2023/6216
TACP Architects Ltd 2023/6356
Architectural Services Consultants 26 View Suppliers
Cost Consultants (QS Services) 15 View Suppliers
Civil/Structural Consultants 6 View Suppliers
Building Engineering & M&E Consultants 9 View Suppliers
Principal Design Consultants 16 View Suppliers
CDM and H&S Consultants 14 View Suppliers
Sustainability and Decarbonisation Consultants 10 View Suppliers
Building Information Modelling Consultants 5 View Suppliers
Contract Administration Consultants 15 View Suppliers

How can I use this DPS

CPC’s Sourcing Cloud makes it easy to perform and manage further competition exercises. It’s free for CPC members to use and offers quick, compliant access to all suppliers on the DPS. Use the ‘Get a quote’ button to create a Sourcing Cloud account and send your further competition to the DPS suppliers.

Tenet logo

If you require support in running a further competition via this DPS, Tenet Services can help. Tenet offer a nationwide service specialising in assisting education establishments to complete further competitions.

Tenet are part of the Crescent Purchasing Group of Companies and operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Go to Tenet Services

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What are Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)?

A DPS is a procurement tool for works, services and goods. Dynamic purchasing systems are explained in more detail on our DPS page.

How can contractors apply to be included on the Estates and Facilities Professional Services DPS?

The DPS is being managed through the Sourcing Cloud tendering platform. Interested contractors need to create an account (if you don’t already have one) and then use the ‘Opportunity Search’ tool on the dashboard to navigate to the DPS using project reference ‘CA11274’. Then download and complete the ‘Estates and Facilities Professional Services DPS v2’ document, upload it to the portal and click ‘submit’. All applications will be evaluated within 14 calendar days.

How is the DPS operation funded?

A Marketing Premium of 1% is required for all business placed under this DPS by CPC Educational Member Institutions.  A Marketing Premium of 1.5% is required for all business placed under this DPS by Wider Public Sector (WPS) users.

These fees are payable to CPC and will be based on the value of any awarded works or projects via the DPS. If a DPS supplier chooses not to bid for opportunities published via the DPS or are unsuccessful in their bids for DPS works or projects, there will be no marketing premium due. Any relevant marketing premiums due to CPC will be invoiced to the relevant DPS supplier at the end of the quarter.

These payments help support the management and marketing of the agreement to our members and users from the wider public sector. These requirements are detailed within the Estates and Facilities Professional Services DPS v2 ITP document which applicants are required to complete and return to us in order to apply for a position on the DPS.

Associated Documentation

The following documents are associated with this framework. Some are required for successful use of the framework and are clearly marked.

File Details Essential
Framework User GuideThis is required reading if you are considering using this framework. It tells you everything you need to know about the panel of providers, eligibility, running the mini-competition process, and evaluating bids. YesDownload
Further Competition DocumentThe attached template document should assist you with running your further competition and once completed should be sent to all suppliers on the relevant framework lot. YesDownload
Call Off ConditionsHaving selected your chosen supplier, orders can be placed via the Call-Off Contract Terms and Conditions. Your preferred supplier will populate the Call-Off Contract terms and conditions with the full details of your requirement and then present you with completed Call-Off contract terms and conditions for signature. YesDownload
FAQFrequently Asked Questions relating to the Estates & Facilities DPS Download

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Contract Manager

The contracting authority for this DPS is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

Keeley Blackburn

  • Name: Keeley Blackburn
  • Tel: 0161 974 0964
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Chat with our helpdesk: Live Chat