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Suppliers List

Supplier Agreement No. Coverage
AIT Partnership Group Ltd 2016/1719 Nationwide
APEX Group Services Limited 2016/1720 Nationwide
CAE Technology Services 2016/1722 Nationwide
CDW Limited 2016/1748 Nationwide
Centerprise International 2016/1723 Nationwide
Circle IT Solutions Limited 2016/1725 Nationwide
Computeam Ltd 2016/1735 Regional
Dacoll Limited 2016/1726 Nationwide
European Electronique 2016/1750 Nationwide
Freedom Communications (UK) Limited 2016/1729 Nationwide
Haptic Networks Limited 2016/1732 Nationwide
Insight Direct (UK) Ltd 2016/1734 Nationwide
Itec Connect Ltd 2016/1736 Nationwide
Nviron Limited 2016/1740 Regional
P2V Systems Limited 2016/1741 Nationwide

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The contracting authority for this framework is Crescent Purchasing Consortium.