Are you are looking for a supplier to complete capital works on your institution’s buildings or estate?

Our Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is designed so that you can engage the services of qualified and experienced construction contractors. There are 29 different building works categories on the DPS with each lot giving access to a range of construction suppliers in each category.

You can procure a wide range of specialist trades all in one place for your college, university, academy or schools’ refurbishment or construction works.


  • There are multiple contractors in each category to encourage competition enabling you to demonstrate value for money
  • The DPS will also save you time as CPC has already done the due diligence on the contractors, including:
    • Financial stability checks
    • Health and safety record and process checks
    • Environmental management checks
    • Quality management checks
  • Your local contractor can apply to be on the DPS so you can get quotes from them and other contractors that have passed a vetting process
  • All procurement processes are fully auditable as further competitions will be done using the Sourcing Cloud tendering platforms


Lot Number Title Number of Suppliers
Lot 1 General Building, Construction & Maintenance 43
Lot 2 Doors & Windows 27
Lot 3 Electrical and Lighting 33
Lot 4 Plumbing & Drains 28
Lot 5 Renewables 19
Lot 6 Joinery 24
Lot 7 General Flooring & Screed 20
Lot 8 Washroom 25
Lot 9 Cladding & Insulation 19
Lot 10 Plastering 19
Lot 11 Rendering 19
Lot 12 Adaptations 21
Lot 13 Asbestos 22
Lot 14 Roads, Highways & Traffic 10
Lot 15 Civil Engineering & Groundworks 16
Lot 16 Masonry 16
Lot 17 Modular Buildings 13
Lot 18 Fencing & Gates 15
Lot 19 Structures 15
Lot 20 Demolition 15
Lot 21 Roofing 23
Lot 22 Painting & Decorating 24
Lot 23 Scaffolding 15
Lot 24 Ceramic Tiling 18
Lot 25 Internal Walls & Ceilings 21
Lot 26 Curtains & Blinds 16
Lot 27 Locksmiths 10
Lot 28 Air Monitoring 11
Lot 29 Safety Equipment (incl. Fall Arrest System) 11

What are Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)?

A DPS is a procurement tool for works, services and goods. Dynamic purchasing systems are explained in more detail on our DPS page.

How can contractors apply to be included on the CPC Minor Works DPS?

The DPS is being managed through the Sourcing Cloud tendering platform. Interested contractors need to create an account (if you don’t already have one) and then use the ‘Opportunity Search’ tool on the dashboard to navigate to the DPS using project reference ‘CA7638’. Then download and complete the ‘Minor Works DPS ITP’ document, upload it to the portal and click ‘submit’. All applications will be evaluated within 14 calendar days.

Get a Quote

CPC’s Sourcing Cloud makes it easy to perform and manage further competition exercises. It’s free for CPC members to use and offers quick, compliant access to all suppliers on the DPS. Use the ‘Get a quote’ button to create a Sourcing Cloud account and send your further competition to the DPS suppliers.

A further competition template is available in the Associated Documentation section on this page. Help using Sourcing Cloud is available in our Sourcing Cloud User Guide.

Associated Documentation

These documents require you to be logged in to view them.

Doc Title Description Download
Minor Works DPS User Guide The user guide provides detailed guidance and information for members interested in accessing the DPS. Download
Minor Works DPS FAQ Similar to the user guide but in a shortened format, this document is designed to explain the Minor Works DPS to members and potential suppliers and contains instructions on how to utilise the DPS to procure your works requirements. Download
Minor Works Further Competition Template Members with a Minor Works requirement can utilise this template to articulate their specific requirements to the DPS suppliers as part of a further competition process. Download
Minor Works DPS Call-off Conditions The call-off conditions will act as the contract between member and DPS supplier following a successful further competition process. Members will need to amend any highlighted sections within the call-off conditions to reflect their specific requirements. Download

Contract Manager

Name Peter Mcmullan
Telephone 0161 974 0950
Email [email protected]
Helpdesk [email protected]

Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System

Number of Suppliers 78
Start Date 29 / 10 / 2020
End Date 28 / 10 / 2025
Contract Manager Peter McMullan
Contracting Authority Crescent Purchasing Consortium
Category Estates & Facilities

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