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Please read this important notice before using the Legal Services Helpline.

This website is intended to provide you with a mechanism for making contact with potential legal advisors for an initial discussion around any legal queries your institution may have. We, Crescent Purchasing Consortium, do not accept any liability arising out of your use of this website as we are merely making its facilities available for your use and will have no further involvement in your query.

When you submit a query using this website, a panel of legal advisors will be able to view your query and make contact with you. Any discussion a legal advisor has with you in the first instance will be on the basis that it is providing general guidance only and that you are not yet its client. This means that the legal advisor will not be giving you specific advice on which you can rely at that stage and will not be accepting a duty of care towards you.

If you wish to take your query further, the legal advisor will explain the work required and associated costs. Should you wish to proceed, the legal advisor will engage you as a client, subject to the terms which you and the legal advisor agree at that time. Any questions you have regarding that engagement should be directed to the legal advisor and not to Crescent Purchasing Consortium. If you have any other queries about your use of this website please contact Gary Sadler, CPC Specialist Contracts & Procurement Officer by email at [email protected] or phone on 0800 066 2188.

Use of this tool implies that you are happy for CPC to store all submitted details in a database and for these details to be emailed to the relevant advisors on the Legal Services framework via an external Transactional Email Service. CPC will undertake reasonable security measures to safeguard the confidentiality of this data but will not be held responsible for any issues encountered through use of this free tool.