Recognising the need to enable collaboration and communication between CPC and its members, the Procurement Advisory Group was established in 2010.

The group works by way of regional representatives, who bring discussion points and new ideas from the area to monthly meetings. At these meetings it is decided what recommendations should be put to the CPC Board. In this way, the procurement requirements of all colleges is heard and taken into account when plotting CPC's future activities.

PAG consists of professionally qualified procurement managers from across the UK. They are committed to:

  1. provide professional procurement advice and to promote the importance of procurement through CPC to the sector
  2. support and promote CPC contracts and the benefits of consortia contracting to colleagues to increase contract throughput
  3. advise CPC on training requirements to continue up skilling within the sector
  4. make contracting recommendations to CPC
  5. work with CPC and others to develop and enhance benchmarking within the sector
  6. look at other bodies involved in procurement within the sector and provide a gap analysis to CPC to assist with their procurement strategy.

As a group, PAG are passionate about ensuring that CPC provides exceptional value and service to the sector. They need your input to drive change and cement best practice where necessary.

Given the financial pressures that we are all facing going forward, now is an excellent time to engage with CPC and to use the PAG as your voice with the CPC Board. Therefore, for those colleges that are not yet fully engaged with CPC, I would strongly urge you to talk to your regional representative who will offer an unbiased and objective opinion of the consortia as it currently stands and maybe even point out potential contracts that your College may not have considered previously.

Should you wish to discuss the work of the PAG further, the contact details for your regional representatives are detailed below. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your regional PAG representative.