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Training Opportunities

Develop your procurement skills with CPC’s range of CPD accredited training courses.

Designed for education sector professionals, our flexible courses are ideal for upskilling, refreshing knowledge or if you’ve recently moved to a public sector procurement role.

The procurement training is free for CPC members and the courses are provided with the support of our training providers: CIPS, BIP Solutions, Whitepaper and Weightmans.

Current Training Opportunities


  • Introduction to Procurement

    This course is designed to provide an understanding of procurement to enable you to deal with procurement related enquiries and projects.

  • Delivery of a framework

    The objective of this course is to understand frameworks are constructed & delivered from inception through to launch​ and what happens after launching.

  • An overview of the education sector

    The objective of this course is to understand how the education sector is structured​ and how its funded for learning​ and capital programmes​.

Procurement Planning

  • Understanding Need - Market & Options Assessment

    Procurement needs to understand the requirements of the business and the status of the market, so in-depth internal & external market analysis is required.

  • Social value in public procurement

    The objective of this course is to understand Social Value and how it is applied to procurement activities​.

Tendering / Sourcing

  • Evaluation Techniques

    This course explains evaluation at both the selection and award stages of public procurement processes.

  • Writing a Tender Specification

    This course explains how a specification should be constructed and carried out.

  • Ethical Procurement & Supply

    Ethics is everyone’s responsibility throughout an organisation. This e-learning course will help anyone to demonstrate commitment to acting ethically.

  • College insurance procurement and risk

    The objective of this course is to provide knowledge of specialist policies outside of the normal scope of business activities

  • Making a framework work

    The objective of this course to understand what a framework delivers​ and to understand how to maximise supplier interest in your opportunity.

  • Selection and award criteria

    Learn the difference between selection and award criteria plus how to apply each to the relevant stages of your procurement process.

Contract Management

  • Advanced contract management

    The objective of this course is to understand what good contract & performance management are, and what happens when things go wrong​.

  • Contract Management Introduction

    The objective of this course is to understand good contract management​ and how internal governance & stakeholders can impact contract management​.

Contract & Procurement Law

  • Developing and Managing Contracts

    Developing the contract allows both parties to fully understand their obligations and key success criteria as part of the agreement.

  • Academic Principles of Basic Contract Law

    This course discusses the fundamental basic academic approach to contract law​.

  • The basic principles of contract law

    The objective of this course is to understand how contracts are constructed, the terminology used,​ and how contracts can be formed​.

  • Construction Contracts

    This course gives you an introduction to construction (works) contracts. It discusses technical matters, finance, tendering and contract management.

  • Public Procurement Law Conference - 2023

    Working in Partnership with the Whitepaper Conference we give you access to the on-demand procurement conference.

Supplier / Bidder Support

  • Bidding for frameworks and further competitions

    Following this course, you will have improved chances when bidding for CPC & PSBO frameworks and member further competition.