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Each year CPC's Board of Trustees review the level of reserves our charity has and any surpluses are reinvested back into the education sector via the "Giving Back" initiative. To date over £1.56 million has been designated for re-investment in the form of various projects with the largest amount being used specifically for awarding non-refundable grants to CPC members. So far £726,000 of grants have been "given back" to 134 institutions comprising of colleges, schools, academies and universities nationwide.

Hopwood Hall College, St John Rigby College, Kendal College and Calderdale College have benefited from CPC funding. Take a look at the videos which demonstrate the positive impact this is having for students at the beginning of their professional careers.

Hopwood Hall

Funding enabled Hopwood Hall College to further enhance its existing learner enrichment programme to include a strong focus on sustainability and protecting the world we live in by using a unique interactive programme, which provides them with greater insight into the challenges we face regionally, nationally and internationally in reducing carbon emissions and ultimately global warming.

St John Rigby College

Funding helped support the Sport and Exercise Science Performance Analysis Project - which included the purchase of a force plate, GPS vests, blaze pods and timing gates to help bring the sports science to life for the students.

Kendal College

Funding helped support the 'Pass It On' project, which involved Theatre practitioners teaching students many of the skills of their trade which they could then use to create workshops which they took out to local Primary schools.

Calderdale College

Grant Funding helped support a tutorial project to further support students, which involved digital resources and working with external agencies.