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About Tenet Procurement

Tenet has been operating since 1994, initially servicing the education sector and in 2016 Tenet Procurement Services was specifically set up to offer excellent procurement services to wider public sector and private sector customers. Think of Tenet as a one-stop shop for all of your procurement support needs from free-to-access public sector frameworks to a range of procurement consultancy services.


Tenet Procurement provide outsourced procurement services across the UK so whether it's support for ad-hoc projects, access to compliant frameworks, or support with gaining extra resource based within or outside of your organisation, Tenet Procurement Services can provide your organisation what it needs to get the job done.

Tenet Procurement offer 30 purchasing agreements and a range of services to the wider public sector / private sector including:

How Tenet can support you

Procurement teams of all sizes will inevitably have pinch points where project demands outweigh available resources. Tenet can provide that short-term support during these periods to avoid projects being delayed and savings missed.

Tenet work in compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations to fulfil public sector organisation's procurement requirements. Although private sector organisations are not governed by the same legislation, conducting a structured and robust tender process will achieve an effective result.

Find out how Tenet Procurement Services' experienced procurement consultants can support your organisation by contacting Tenet today.

Tenet Procurement Services is part of Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC).