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Furthering Education and Learning in Procurement (FELP)

FELP provides information about key procurement processes, why they are important and how to carry them out. It’s the place to find out how to improve procurement within your organisation and gain access to examples of procurement good practice.

Understanding Procurement

Procurement plays an essential role. It is the process of cost effectively acquiring products or services from preferred suppliers.


A strategic process of identifying the market for a product or service which includes sourcing and negotiating with suppliers, building relationships with suppliers and evaluating cost savings.

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A sub-process of procurement and relates to the transaction phase of the procurement process. The purchasing phase includes the buying of goods or services, purchase orders, invoicing, shipping notifications, goods receipt and payment.

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Find out the best and most effective method to completing the procurement process by following the simple five-step guide.

FELP is the place to improve your procurement cycle

All procurements regardless of their value or complexity follow a standard sequence of actions. This is known as the procurement cycle. In practice, you will complete some of the stages without being aware of having done so. This is particularly true of lower value, routine purchases. Think about the decision processes involved with restocking the stationery drawer.

The user simply decides what and how many of the stationery items are needed and the items are purchased from the nominated stationery supplier perhaps using the departmental procurement card. The time spend on the decision process is minimal.

Learn how to improve your procurement process by following the stages of the FELP procurement cycle.

Other procurement processes


An overview of a number of keys areas that impact on procurement on a daily basis.

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A library of template documents intended to aid you in the creation of your own documents.

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An overarching guide with a series of more in-depth guides providing additional information.

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