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Giving Back to Schools, Academies & Colleges

CPC's vision is to become the first-choice procurement partner for the education sector and through our work enhance teaching and learning, by giving back to the education sector in a variety of ways.

Since 'Giving Back' formed in 2019, to date, over £1.56 million has been designated for re-investment in the form of various projects with the largest amount being used specifically for awarding non-refundable grants to our members. So far 134 institutions have received direct grants totalling £726,000.

The funding has supported a wide range of educational projects fulfilling our criteria of:

  • Enhancing teaching and learning

  • Improving a child's experience of education

  • Helping disadvantaged children

Applying for funding

The grant funding window to support our 'Giving Back' charitable objective is currently closed but we anticipate more funding rounds in the near future. If you require any further information, please contact Carly Jenkinson on 07467 483184, [email protected] or via the postal address.