The following documents are available for use by our members as templates
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Terms & Conditions of Contract (CPC) - Goods These are the call-off conditions used for all CPC contracts and agreements for goods and services.
Further Resources
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Policy Templates There are a number of standard purchasing documents which may be needed by purchasing staff. The documents here can be downloaded and adapted to your own specific needs. The Purchasing Policy has been National Audit Approved and the others are in daily use by the University of Salford and fully comply with financial regulations.
Insurance Framework: Resources If you are interested in joining the CPC Insurance Framework, you can view and download all the necessary documentation here. The best way to start is by reading the User Guide which gives a detailed explanation of how the scheme operates. Forms, company information, FAQs and links to other useful websites are also available.

Should you have any queries regarding the above documents, please contact our Helpdesk team for assistance.