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Are you ready for electronic tender communications post 18 October 2018?


New procurement regulations will come into force from 18 October 2018 that effect how you conduct procurements that exceed the EU threshold (currently £181k). Post 18 October 2018 The Public Contracts Regulations require all communication and information exchanged in these tender processes to be carried out electronically including the submission of tenders. The regulations detail the security requirements of these electronic communications, which effectively means for procurements that exceed the EU threshold you will no longer be able to receive tenders by post or email and instead will need to invest in an e-tendering system that allows bidders to submit their tender electronically. More information on this and the security requirements of an e-tendering system can be found in our Blog post ‘E-tendering systems – is it now compulsory to use one?’

However, don’t panic – the Crescent Purchasing Group is here to help! In partnership with ADB Limited, Crescent Purchasing Group launched CPC Sourcing Cloud - a suite of e-tendering tools designed to provide the education sector with a one-stop-shop for all its e-tendering requirements. You can access the CPC Sourcing Cloud Mini Comp tool for free when conducting a mini competition via a CPC framework agreement. The CPC Sourcing Cloud Mini Comp tool satisfies the new security requirements of the Regulations and will enable you to send and receive tenders from CPC suppliers via the online portal. Call ADB on 0151 482 9230 to request a log on for the CPC Sourcing Cloud Mini Comp tool and arrange a demonstration webinar.

CPC Sourcing Cloud also includes ‘Tender’ a tool that enables you to run your own above EU threshold procurement exercises that comply with the new Regulations, should you decide not to use a framework agreement. The Tender tool is available to CPC members for £1,000 per annum for a four-year contract with unlimited users. Should you choose to purchase the CPC Sourcing Cloud Tender tool, as a member you can run both your own procurements (local or above EU threshold) and CPC mini competitions within the same system, providing a single depository to record and manage all tendering activity.

The CPC members who take advantage of Tenet Education Services procurement support, receive access to a compliant e-tendering system to run tenders as part of the service, either for managed procurement services or for one-off tender management activities. To find out how Tenet can support your institution call 01376 511 411 or [email protected]. Please call ADB on 0151 482 9230 to find out more about CPC Sourcing Cloud Tender, the other modules available from ADB or to request an online demonstration.

Should you have any questions please contact Regional Procurement Advisor Jo Frost via email [email protected] or on 07990 763928.

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