3rd Aug 2018

We have been surveying our members experience of using our frameworks for over a year now and thought this was a good time to share our findings with you. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us identify where we are doing a good job and importantly what we can work on to ensure our services continue to meet your expectations.

We are really pleased that members find the supporting documentation we provide with each framework such as the user guide, call off terms and conditions and mini competition templates a valuable resource, with 100% of survey respondents confirming they find our documentation useful. Making the framework agreements easy to use is one of our core aims at CPC.

We are also thrilled that the vast majority of survey respondents reported saving money by using one of our frameworks. Over 50% of the survey respondents achieved savings of between £1,000 and £10,000 and just shy of 18% of survey respondents reported savings that exceeded £10,000. This is money that can be put to good use investing in your students and staff alike.

The survey feedback also helps us to monitor the number of suppliers responding to each request for quote sent out by our members and whilst 87% of respondents reported receiving more than 3 bids in response to their request, this is a statistic we would like to improve. As a result, our Contract Management Team proactively investigate instances where members have expressed dissatisfaction at the number of supplier responses. The team ensure lessons are learnt and fed back into our contracting procedures and/or advice to members such as our blog post on maximising supplier responses

In summary we are delighted that overall 97% of survey respondents would recommend our framework agreements to others so next time you have a need to purchase anything don’t forget to browse our framework agreements and tell your colleagues about them!

Should you have any questions please contact Regional Procurement Advisor Jo Frost via email [email protected] or on 07990 763928.