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Brand-new framework for Firefighting Equipment and Associated Services


By Peter McMullan

NEUPC has recently launched a brand-new framework for Firefighting Equipment and Associated Services (agreement reference EFM2028 NE). The contract period runs from 24th February 2020 to 23rd February 2022, with the option of two 12-month extensions.

The framework is split into 2 lots, with eight regions under each. The scope of Lot 1 includes the provision of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, storage, first aid equipment, door furniture, escape equipment, signage and wireless alarms. Lot 2 covers the provision of fire safety training and fire risk assessments.

The list of suppliers appointed to the framework are available on the framework page.

Some of the benefits of the framework include:

  • Strong market coverage in the supply base allows direct contact with leaders in the various specialist areas, some of which are not available on alternative frameworks
  • Potentially strong cash savings due to a competitive tender process
  • Requirement for members to increase sustainability weighting
  • Provision to manage sustainable impacts via the Net Positives supplier action tool
  • Members have ability to access this agreement and CPC’s fire systems framework to offer full coverage of the fire category to members
  • Brand new agreement for the education sector in a category that hasn’t been covered previously

CPC have also awarded the Fire Alarm, Detection and Suppression Systems Framework to complement this framework. Both agreements are available to members of NEUPC, NWUPC, LUPC, HEPCW and SUPC, ensuring all your needs under the fire category including; equipment, services and systems are covered. This collaborative approach means we can offer this education specific framework to the whole educational sector, including schools, academies, colleges and universities.

Sam Wells, Framework Lead at NEUPC said:

“I’m pleased to launch the Fire Fighting Equipment and Associated Services framework alongside the Fire Alarms, Detection and Suppression Systems awarded by CPC. This has enabled consortia to expand their services further to target the entire educational sector with frameworks covering the complete fire category. I hope you utilise the framework which has been designed to provide you with maximum cost savings.”

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