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CPC Apprenticeship Scheme Interview


In October last year Crescent Learning launched an apprentice funding scheme to place 15 procurement apprentices in colleges across the country. The process of wrapping our heads around everything that is involved in such a scheme was challenging but we managed to get there in the end. Dozens of our member colleges applied for the scheme and the standard of those applications was extremely high. In the end we had to choose 15 to be successful, we hope that this is a scheme we can continue to roll out to all those members who applied one day.

The successful Colleges have begun to place apprentices in post and we thought now would be an appropriate time to catch up with one of them to see how they were getting on. I spoke with Jack Stubbs, the procurement apprentice at Cambridge Regional College to learn a little more about him, his experiences with the scheme so far and his hopes for the future. What follows is the first chat we had which will be the first of many to chart his time on the apprenticeship scheme.

So Jack, tell me a little bit about yourself;

I was raised in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and I suppose I’m a typical teenager for the most part; I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, I’m especially close with my parents and I’m a Manchester United fan.

That’s okay Jack, nobody’s perfect. What made you choose the apprenticeship?

After finishing my A-Levels at Long Road Sixth Form College, I decided that university wasn’t the right option. I felt that further academic study wasn’t going to help me progress, and the idea of earning whilst learning made me feel much more comfortable.

Why did you choose this particular apprenticeship?

I saw this apprenticeship opportunity on the .GOV.UK website and felt it was a good fit. I had always wanted to try a role in finance. Maths had always been a subject I felt was my strongest and whilst I wasn’t totally sure what procurement was, I knew that working in finance was right for me. I applied for various apprenticeships, but Cambridge Regional College came back to me quickly after my application and after an enjoyable but nerve wracking interview with Noel Cassidy (Procurement Manager at the College) I was offered the place.

How are you finding the apprenticeship?

We started quite slowly. To begin with we just focused on meeting and greeting the people I would be working with and talking about how I am going to progress. After that we moved into introductory training, at first Noel eased me into the role but quickly realised that I could handle quite a bit more responsibility.

What have you found most beneficial so far?

So far I’ve found getting to grips with Excel very helpful. A lot of the tasks I have to complete can be done so much quicker with Excel and I find I’m constantly improving and being more productive with each new skill I pick up.

What I’ve enjoyed most so far though is finding that my confidence is growing with each day. Its improved dramatically, I was quite timid at first but I’m growing in to the role and I’m starting to believe in my own ability, I’ve stopped second guessing myself.

As you know, we’ll be having these conversations a fair bit throughout your time on the apprenticeship scheme, but right now what would you say are your aspirations for the future?

Right now I’m concentrating on making the most of the apprenticeship scheme but I am keeping my eye on one or two opportunities. Long term ideally a role in finance is my goal currently.

Thanks Jack, it sounds like you’re making great progress and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

Jack’s enthusiasm for the apprenticeship scheme is palpable and it’s fantastic to see him making the most of it. I will speak to Jack again soon to see what else he has learned both about procurement and about himself as the scheme continues.

For more information on the CPC Apprenticeship Scheme and on Crescent Learning, just visit the Crescent Learning website or if you have any questions about future opportunities please don’t hesitate to contact Josh on 0161 974 0942.

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