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CPC’s new Corporate Software and Software Licenses frameworks are now live!


By Jane Edwards

CPC are pleased to announce that our Corporate Software framework and the Software Licenses for Academies and Schools framework have been retendered and are now live on the CPC website. These new frameworks have been put together to complement one another, offering a much wider scope than the previous agreements that were in place. 

The formal agreement titles are: 

Corporate Software & Related Products and Services  

Software Licenses & Associated Services for Academies and Schools 

Further details can be found for each agreement at the above links. 


Pre-Market Engagement 

A considerable amount of pre-market engagement was undertaken prior to the issue of the tender documentation. Pre-market engagement took the form of a review of the terms and conditions with potential suppliers to assist in gaining supplier buy in, while also ensuring the terms were fit for purpose due to market changes as more and more software becomes cloud based. 

A review of the product scope was also undertaken with potential suppliers, members and other stakeholders feeding into the process.  

The new Corporate Software framework is made up of nine lots as follows: 

Lot 1 – Financial Management Software 

Lot 2 – Human Resource Software 

Lot 3 – Payroll System Software 

Lot 4 – Multi-Purpose Lot for Lots 1 -3  

Lot 5 – Management Information Systems (MIS)  

Lot 6 – Educational Management and Communications Software excluding MIS  

Lot 7 – Project Management & Resource Planning Software 

Lot 8 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems  

Lot 9 – Estates Management Software including CAFM Systems 


Of the above, Lot 4 and lots 6 to 9 are new areas, as a result of the pre-market engagement process. 

The Software Licenses for Academies and Schools framework is now made up of 6 lots as follows: 

Lot 1 – Microsoft 

Lot 2 – Adobe  

Lot 3 – Google for Education and Chrome OS  

Lot 4 –Data Security, Backup and Recovery (excluding Microsoft, Adobe, Google and Chrome Software) 

Lot 5 - Other Off The Shelf Software including Educational Software 

Lot 6 – Multi-Purpose Lot (For Lots 1-5) 


Lot 3 - Google for Education and Chrome Operating Systems are a new addition to this agreement, with a dedicated lot for data security and additional scope within the lots themselves.  

New User guides are available at the above links, with a further emphasis on premarket engagement at member level for your corporate software requirements. A further competition calculator is also available for the Software for Academies and Schools framework agreement, to make your procurement processes easier and faster while remaining compliant. 

In additionthere is also the software agreement already in place for college members. Further details can be found on the Software License Resellers Agreement for Colleges framework page.  

We have some new suppliers on board, and it is hoped members continue support the agreements so we can build on what has been in place previously.  

The newly added suppliers to this framework include:  

Agilyx (previously trading as Highpoint)  

Betasoft Ltd 

Cara Digital Limited 

Education Software Solutions Limited 

Fifth Quadrant Data Ltd 

Insight Direct (UK) Ltd 

Panacea Applications Limited 

Technology One UK Ltd 

The Anywhere Company Limited 


If you require any further information or help using these frameworks, please feel free to contact Contract Manager Jane Edwards at [email protected].  

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