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CPL Group and a positive work-life balance


By Toby Belshaw

Live to work or work to live? It’s a question millions wrestle with.

A struggle balancing the demands of their employer with commitments outside of the day job.

At the CPL Group, we recognise the mutual benefit in cultivating a successful work-life balance.

We’ll equip you to produce excellent work, but we know you’ll have other things going on, too.

You might be moving house, or caring for a child or a pet, or playing in a sports team or a band.

Some days, you could have an emergency to deal with, an unexpected event that takes priority.

Others, you might need to travel or switch on at a certain time, to keep your world ticking over.

Start earlier. Work later. Do both, with a gap in the middle, if you need one.

That’s the kind of work-life balance that can help you make a success of both.

And our flexible and agile approach allows staff to strike that winning balance.

We welcome employees who make their role part of an active and fulfilling life.

In championing this policy, we are able to retain good talent, while developing an overall mindset that a healthy and happy workforce can only be beneficial to the Group, its partners and members.

Unplug. Detach. Relax. Refresh. Take time away from your computer and come back brighter for it.

Take your holidays when you need them. Don’t miss out on the events that make life worth living.

Our advocacy of a work-life balance ties in with our commitment to positive health and wellbeing.

Creating good work and investing in hobbies/interests go hand-in-hand, as far as we’re concerned.

With that in mind, we encourage you to pursue that passion, to get out on that sports field, to revel in the endorphins and see how much of a difference it makes at work, wherever your desk might be.

While some will be happy to do their own thing, we are also active in organising and promoting fun activities under the CPL Group banner, with recent events including a Group ghost hunt experience, staff meals, a canal boat trip and escape room adventure, plus our ongoing fantasy football leagues.

In addition, staff at the Group have made lasting friendships through their employment, providing them with personal and professional support that will serve them well, in work and life alike.

With an effective work-life balance, we can empower you to thrive in both.

The latest roles at the CPL Group can be found at cpl.group/vacancies

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