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By Toby Belshaw

At the CPL Group, people are at the heart of everything we do.

In turn, keeping our people fit and well is the heartbeat of the Group’s success.

We recognise the challenges faced by our valued, diverse staff as part of their everyday lives.

And we respond accordingly, placing wellbeing on our front line of priorities, as an employer.

From family complications to financial concerns, the modern age seems to serve up a constant supply of curveballs, all designed to knock us off-track and affect our ability to truly be our best.

By accepting these realities, we hope to have established a compassionate, empathetic workplace, one where stigmas are actively challenged and personal challenges professionally accommodated.

The CPL Group aims to equip employees with tools to help manage their circumstances, providing support, guidance and patience, while empowering staff members to help teammates in trouble.

A central component is our Wellbeing Support Team, comprised of staff from across the Group.

The WST are on hand to support our employees’ physical and specifically mental wellbeing.

These include trained Mental Health First Aiders, who can act as a friendly first port of call.

In addition, the Group’s intranet platform sees helpful advice, information and resources shared with our staff, amplifying the conversation about wellbeing, while providing a variety of support.

The intranet even carries a five-level mood feature on its home page, with the ability to send instant feedback to line managers, while compiling the overall group mood from all those using the feature.

By making staff comfortable engaging in wellbeing topics, we aim to be part of the wider effort and are proud to be doing our bit, as the UK recognises the genuine importance of prioritising wellbeing.

We are also proud to have been recognised externally, being accredited as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing, ranked inside the top 50 Medium-sized firms in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, we are delighted to have supported multiple wellbeing projects as part of the Group’s charitable remit, with funding distributed to a number of institutions in aid of these initiatives.

At Harrow’s Jubilee Academy, over £10,000 in CPL Group backing has helped deliver specialist support activities for pupils suffering exam stress, self-confidence issues and low self-esteem.

Meanwhile, contributions have been made to London’s Chelsea Academy, Taunton’s Richard Huish College and the Lighthouse Learning Trust, to assist in student wellbeing via a variety of approaches.

Wellbeing is one of the utmost challenges of our times, but it is a challenge we must meet, head-on.

After all, a well employee is a happy employee - and we hope, at the CPL Group, you can be both.

The latest available roles within the CPL Group can be found at cpl.group/vacancies

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