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Crescent Learning produces educational bitesize videos


By Toby Belshaw

Our sister educational wing, Crescent Learning, has put together some handy and helpful explanatory videos to support sector professionals.

Series One features a succession of digestible short-form films centred around all things procurement, covering the wide portfolio of services CPC has to offer in working towards the vision of being the procurement partner of choice for education. Simply scroll down and watch to learn more...

What is a framework agreement?

Jargon buster

Tenet Procurement Services

RPA and CPC helpdesk

PAG and FEFMN networking groups

The basics of contract law

What is a DPS?

How to register as a CPC member


What is Contracts Finder?

Direct Award

Tenet Education Services

We hope that, through this selection of informative, bitesize videos, you will be able to learn and develop your own skillset in regard tpo procurement processes and topics, terminology and jargon, as well as how Crescent Purchasing Consortium and Tenet can help to support your procurement journey, plus lots more...

Is there is a subject that you would like to see a bitesize video on? If so, contact a member of the CPC team, so that we can include it in Series Two! Watch the full set of bitesize videos in playlist form ➡️
https://loom.ly/AyUaGNA - please note any Procurement Bill content may have now expired.

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