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Desktop Hardware Framework


After a number of months evaluating the 67 tender submissions we are pleased to announce the launch of the framework that hopefully will not only satisfy your ICT needs but exceed them.

You will notice a few changes to the new framework, as currently we are not launching Lot 2 – Portable Devices (Previously Laptop, notebooks etc.) and Lot 3 – Peripherals. The reasons for this are:

Lot 2 - Portable Devices: Upon detailed discussions and clarifications with a manufacturer, we discovered that one of the products submitted was end of life and therefore did not meet the required specification at the point of the tender submission. While we had conducted these checks prior to the standstill period, we were to discover conflicting information about this product which necessitated further investigation. – We have currently cancelled the standstill for this lot whilst we re-score the relevant tender. When this process has been completed we will start a new standstill period for this Lot and once concluded Lot 2 will be added to the framework.

Lot 3 – Peripherals: We have taken the difficult decision to cancel the standstill period for Lot 3 Peripherals and to not award this Lot. This decision is due to substantial conflicting information about a number of products in terms of meeting the required specifications, including information that suppliers were using when preparing their submissions. To ensure fairness to all we have cancelled the Lot under this framework and with further revisions to the specifications this requirement will now be a specific Lot within the forthcoming MFD tender as there are a number of synergies regarding printer solutions.

We will of course update you when the Lots are available so that you can access them.

The Lots included at the launch of the framework are:

Lot 1 – Desktop PC Solutions
Lot 4 – IT Hardware compatible with Apple operating systems
Lot 5 – ICT Disposal and Recycling

We have responded to member feedback in reducing the number of suppliers on some of the Lots compared to the outgoing framework, to help you with the evaluation of further competitions and ensure competitive submissions. There is still a very good mixture of suppliers on all lots and we are sure they will all be very keen to respond to member requirements under the new framework. The suppliers awarded to Lots 1, 4 and 5 are:

The suppliers are able to provide you with an array of products and services whether it’s high specification PC, or support for installing and/or maintaining IT equipment. They are also able to offer various purchasing options, including outright purchase or leasing. We are aware that a number of institutions are introducing student device schemes which are proving popular, this is something that the suppliers on the framework can fulfil.

This framework sees the introduction of a new lot for IT Recycling and Disposal. This lot supersedes the previous negotiated agreements that we had in place. All suppliers on this framework have appropriate accreditations such ADISA and Blancco etc. In some circumstances suppliers may be able to offer a rebate for disposing of your old ICT equipment and we’re sure they will be delighted to offer their advice and assistance.

This framework will offer excellent value for our members and if you have any queries or require further details please contact Yvonne Winskill.

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