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Electricity market and sustainability webinar


There is a lot to know about the electricity market but it can seem daunting, so where do you start? Dukefield Energy understand the complexities faced by the education sector looking to procure their energy contract.

Dukefield Energy are therefore inviting you to their webinar; ‘An introduction to the electricity market and sustainability’ which caters for all knowledge and experience levels. It has been designed to help you understand the energy market, what to look out for as well as providing useful insights on sustainability. 

The cost of power and gas fluctuates like all commodities markets and you may not be aware that you can procure up to 3 years ahead of your contract renewal to take advantage of optimal market conditions. Navigating through the multitude of products available adds further complexity. Costs can be fixed although some of the market offerings have additional costs that you may not be aware of. It is important to understand how charges feed through to the total cost on the bill you will receive.

Additionally, sustainability is a consideration that is growing in importance and quite rightly so. There are numerous ways of addressing sustainability and increasing levels of government funding are becoming available can help with this. Making the most of this could be extremely beneficial to education institutions, therefore understanding what your requirements are is key so you can act quickly. Even without funding, there are changes that can be made to improve energy efficiency with the support of  your energy consultant.

Join Dukefield Energy for a webinar hosted by Haven Power (part of Drax), who will help navigate you through the complexities. The webinar will look at:

  • The wholesale electricity market
  • Third party charges (TPCs) and how they could affect your business
  • Sustainability – now and what the future holds for Drax

Speakers include: Sunny Yedekar, Forecasting and Pricing Manager, George Goodhew, Portfolio Analyst from Haven Power and Drax Sustainability Manager Michael Goldsworthy.

Date: 20th April 2021

Time: 10.30am

Register your interest in attending this webinar here

Please note that this webinar is available to CPC members and education institutions only. 

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