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Four reasons all educational institutions should maximise print technologies


Significant benefits can be achieved by schools, multi academy trusts, colleges and universities by leveraging print technologies, whatever the ambition, outlook or budget. This article details four reasons why all educational institutions should adopt a smart approach to print.

Students are mobile
Students are always on the go, whether moving from classroom to classroom or between different buildings across campus, making it vital for educational institutions to be able to account for this kind of highly mobile, location-shifted printing. The concept of printing documents wherever you are is made possible by cloud solutions. A cloud-ready device allows you to securely log-in directly and print the documents you need. Institutions that put in-place a centralised management system, standardising the print fleet and implementing cloud technology, can enable students to easily access different printers regardless of their location.

Cost control
Managed print services can reduce paper consumption by up to 20% (Source:https://www.cbronline.com/opinion/how-to-make-the-most-of-document-management), streamline print activity and provide significant reductions in printing costs. This is achieved by offering a centralised control of printing and copying which brings complete cost transparency, allowing organisations to identify and eliminate wasteful printing so Institutions can take full control of their printing expenditure by understanding precisely how much it costs to produce each page of printing, copying or scanning.

Keep information secure
Educational institutions are often responsible for highly sensitive and confidential information, it is essential to ensure this information is protected accordingly. Too often information falls into the wrong hands when document security has not been adequately established. Institutions can ensure authorised printer use and schools, multi academy trusts, colleges and universities are increasingly providing students and teachers with codes and badges which are required to access each printer.

Transform students’ experience
Technology used in the classroom is constantly evolving, from apps and downloads that support learning through to 3D print facilities. Integrating technology in education is vital to ensure students stay encouraged. Most students have been exposed to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones from a young age. Technology provides the opportunity to transform students’ learning experience, empowering them to become more creative and connected.

For these reasons alone, the utilisation of print technology is likely to be an attractive proposition for schools, colleges and universities. Whether these institutions are looking to reduce costs, increase document security, improve classroom experience or simply cater for their on-the-go students, improved printing solutions satisfies all of these goals.

This article was provided by Apogee who are a supplier on the DfE recommended Multifunctional Devices and Associated Print Services and Supplies (MFD) framework. Should you have any questions please contact Steve Davies via email [email protected] or on 07966 040 564.

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