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ICT equipment availability


As you may or may not be aware demand is out stripping supply for the market as a whole for ICT equipment. Laptops and tablets including iPads are particularly affected, due to the current situation with people working from home and home schooling.

We have been working with suppliers to gain individual supplier updates, as part of CPCs contract management for the ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment Framework Agreement. 

Please note the current time scales and the advice provided in the  spreadsheet below provided by suppliers, noting comments on flexibly on colours, models and specification considerations. Additionally, please note some suppliers are holding stock with more to come but stock does move quickly.

Supplier Name Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 Lot 5 Notes
Academia Ltd       x    
ACS Business Supplies Ltd x       x  
Albion       x   The stock situation remains the same as our last update with all Apple stock in severe constraint.
We can prioritise and escalate to Apple all edu orders once an order is placed.
Estimated lead time 3-5 weeks
Banner x x x   x  
Bechtle Direct Ltd x x     x This is just a snapshot in time of what we have or can source and is in stock (please see tab 5 - tab 13 for details, please note this is as of 26th Jan), it is not everything – we have more but I couldn’t get it into the right format so easily. See attached; I have included; laptops, notebooks, desktops, tablets and some peripheral and accessories, also refurb options.
CCS Media Limited x x x x x Please see a list of some highlighted stock available (Tab 4). This is not all stock available, but a selection of the most common specs requested. As all things are mobile and remote requirements, we have highlighted laptops only.
CDW Limited x x x   x CDW will provide in-stock availability and/or lead time at time of quote and will work with the Buyer to provide an optimal recommendation based upon their expected delivery requirement.
Centerprise International Ltd x x     x  
DTP Group x x     x As I've previously shared, there is an industry wide shortage on a wide number of the components required to build both notebook and desktop personal computers. As we see heightened demand for these products, driven primarily through changes in working practices as a consequence of the pandemic, DTP and HP, do not see a change to the short term availability of personal computers or associated peripherals.

With the Public Sector year end fast approaching, DTP are proactively working with HP to make every effort to deliver prior to the invoicing cut off period of March 31st 2021. With the majority of component shortages adversely impacting entry level devices, it is our recommendation that customers do not limit their choices in RFQ’s and make the device requirements as open to alternative configurations as possible. Given the circumstances, DTP will quote on what is available through Distribution at the point of tendering, but given the fluidity of the situation any delay in the decision process will risk those products disappearing, therefore early notification of a Decision to Award will enable us to allocate those products until an official order is placed.

As always, supporting your needs remains our top priority. Please could I ask that you take this into consideration for your order planning.
Ergo Computing UK Ltd x x x   x The situation is very similar at the moment to how it was previously. Lead times on the most popular Chromebooks and Winbooks are 3 months+, however there is stock of other models dropping into distribution fairly regularly. Any available stock is being sold through extremely quickly (usually same day), so we would still recommend that customers get their orders placed in advance of when they need the stock where possible, as there is likely to be a lead time. Entry level laptops are also still in constraint, again we are looking at up to 3 month lead times on the most popular models. There are options available in the £550+ bracket although these are still limited.

Headsets are in good supply at the moment but there are still long delays on webcams. There are also constraints on some entry level monitors (£50-70 range), although there are generally alternatives available either from stock or within a few weeks.

Whilst I understand you can only advise Members, we are still seeing Further Competitions come through for portable devices with unrealistic delivery timelines. Whilst I also understand that there is a financial approval process that has to be gone through following submission, it is paramount that Members get PO’s over ASAP as distributors are not prepared to hold stock due to the current demand.
European Electronique x x     x  
Galtec Solutions x x x   x We generally do not hold stock ourselves and we rely on the stock in the distribution channel.

There are some signs of improvement albeit they are small !!

There is some availability of laptop products but the prices remain on the high side due to demand if the goods are required for immediate delivery. Normal pricing can be obtained but the lead times from the vendors can be 10 – 12 weeks from order which is beyond the time needed.

We would like to believe that March might see a positive change in respect of availability but nothing is certain in the current circumstances. Delays in goods coming through the ports is only adding to the situation !!
GBM Digital Technologies Ltd       x   MacBook Airs - 1 - 2 weeks
MacBook Pros - in stock
iMacs - No confirmed date
iPads - stock coming Feb (will know more on the 29th)
IDN Supplies Ltd   x       Stock levels really is are an ever changing commodity at the moment. We are seeing stock changing by 100’s in an hour at the moment, where there are 100’s available – and that scenario is getting quite scarce at the moment.

We ourselves currently have the below stock levels. These are IDNS stock not distributions.
• Items in green are in stock ready for shipping now
• Items in white are due into our warehouse late January (see tab 3 for details)

We are then expecting 500 HP units at the end of this week. Specification to include:
HP 240 Intel Core i5-1035G1 (6MB Cache, 1GHz), 8GB DDR4-SDRAM, 256GB SSD, 35.6 cm (14") Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS, Intel UHD Graphics, LAN, WLAN, HP Webcam, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

After that we are expecting circa 1,000 Acer Spins. Specification to include:
(2-in-1) 29.5 cm (11.6") 1920 x 1080 pixels Touchscreen Intel® Pentium® Silver 4 GB DDR4-SDRAM 128 GB SSD Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Windows 10 Pro Education Black

There may be more of the Acer units available at the start of February but after that all distribution are reporting nil stock levels for quantities until end of March / into April.

As I said, stock levels are extremely volatile in the channel. I know you requested for response by 25th January but to be honest, what may be reported on that morning will have changed by the afternoon. We are also noticing wide ranging price fluctuations as stock levels diminish.

We have been buying quantities of stock as they become available to mitigate stock fluctuations where possible.
Insight Direct UK Ltd x x   x x  
JTRS Ltd   x   x x iPad especially is not yet in a 'free stock' position. Members need to forecast projects to their supplier / JTRS and ideally leave 5-6 weeks on some Apple products from award to delivery / key dates.
We are managing to fulfil priority projects earlier than the default lead time through good forecasting and by proactively asking customers to switch colours away from Space Grey to another colour (if it's going in a rugged or folio case it does not make a big difference what colour the backplate is).
I'd say this is a good rule to follow for Chromebooks and laptops still as well. It's getting a bit better on some SKU's but on the whole product stock is challenging.
PC Specialist Ltd x          
Pure Technology Group x x x x x BREXT - general impacts
• Overriding theme is uncertainty. Customs rules have added in at least 2-3 days processing time at the ports and the feedback generally is that 20% of consignments crossing borders currently have incorrect paperwork which means they’re refused and go back to sender. This is what’s caused the biggest challenges
• A positive to take from that are that these challenges should be relatively short lived. I’d expect Brexit based delays to begin to disappear as we get to the end of the month


• Chromebooks – up to 20 week lead time HP/Acer are hit the worst. Exceptional demand for mobility and home learning/working kit remains high and will do for some time
• Client devices - we are in the cross over from 10th gen processors to 11th gen, therefore some product lines on PC/Laptops have an ETA of May which is when the new 11th gen gets released fully. I believe many vendor decided to wait for the new stock rather than replenish the old product SKU’s
• iPads – 10.2” are in short constraint and have been for the past quarter. No change and no confirmed ETA from Apple
• Branded Webcams and Headsets such as Logitech / Microsoft are still hit with 4 -9 week ETA’s – non branded Webcams and Headset are in good stock
• CTO (config to order ) devices on both Laptops and Desktops range from 12 days to 12 weeks ETA depending on Vendor. Lenovo and HP are hit the worst. Dell, Dynabook and Fujitsu have the shortest lead-times
• 14” screen are in short constraint
• Some components such as small as screws are also holding up new stock ETAs
Stone Computers x x x   x Desktops

OEM product is moving through as expected, no delays, and shipments are lower than usual due to re-prioritising requirements within the customer base. Current leadtime is 5-8 working days.


Stocks are quite scarce across most lines. Stone have committed to taking a significant amount of new stock, which will start to land from week 1 of February & continue throughout the month. We anticipate having circa 7,000 devices ‘on the shelf’ in February, of various SKUs, suitable for both Schools and FE market. Leadtime off the shelf is 2-4 working days. Leadtimes for branded vendors’ factory builds (eg non-standard) is anything between 7-16 weeks.
XMA Ltd x x x x x All suppliers are extending delivery lead times.
Entry level laptop / portable products are the worst hit as these are the favourable devices that governments have been buying for under privileged children. The rate at which these devices have been purchased has caused a knock on effect of some component shortages namely screens and “small core” CPUs. With many regions of the world in lockdown states and restriction of general travel have left a gap in freight (air and sea) which has had an effect on availability of space and that space is also sold at a far higher premium.
Desktops supply largely remains at expected levels on most SKUs but again the entry level type devices are impacted the most.
We are encouraging all of our customers to share their plans with us so that we can advise and help them plan effectively. XMA is buying stock where possible to support as many of our customers as we possibly can.
Please let me know if you need anything else.
The data featured in this grid is correct as of 29th January 2021. The next update will next be available to download from the Associated Documentation section on the ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework page.

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