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CPC have scheduled contract review meetings with all the suppliers on the ICT Hardware & Peripherals Equipment framework, commencing on 31st October. 

Contract review is an essential part of contract management and CPC like to encourage and work with suppliers so they are engaged and respond to your ICT Hardware & Peripherals requirements. 

With this in mind, we have contract review meetings arranged from late October into November with all of our ICT Hardware & Peripherals Equipment framework suppliers. 

As part of our review process, we are looking for your feedback; this can include your positive experiences, as we are looking to encourage suppliers to respond to as many bids as they can.  

 A list of suppliers currently connected with this framework can be found via the following link: 

 ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment - Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)

We kindly ask if all feedback concerning the ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment framework can be sent to Category Manager, Jane Edwards ([email protected]), before 27th October. 

ICT is a competitive marketplace, with a large and complex supply chain, spanning the globe. 

With COVID-19, the present economic climate and various other market factors all playing a part, there has been a scarcity of some ICT products, as well as longer lead times than previously seen. 

The advice from both the CPC and the framework suppliers is to plan your requirements early, maximising the chances of ensuring your specific requirements are met.  

Pre-market engagement can be carried out to gain buy-in from suppliers, as well as improving the procurement process (for example, working with suppliers to improve the resulting specification, driving efficiencies and improved contract management at member level). 

You might hear the term ‘deal registration’ from resellers (suppliers) on the framework agreement.  

Common practice within the ICT marketplace (and not just this framework agreement) dictates the reseller will register your requirements with a manufacturer, in order to gain preferential pricing.  

For example, if a particular brand and specification is chosen, resellers will go to the manufacturer, with the manufacturer then providing preferential pricing to that reseller for the particular product.  

Manufacturers often only provide the preferential ‘deal registration’ pricing to one reseller, meaning other suppliers are often unlikely to bid, as they feel they will not be competitive. 

In order to gain best value (and in line with Public Contract Regulations 2015), brand names should not be explicitly stated… or, at very least, any requirements should include the term “or equivalent”.  

The more generic the specification you can put forward, the greater the choice of manufacturers who can meet your requirement, allowing resellers to quote different brands. 

It is then likely you will receive more responses to your requirement, with different pricing available. 

If you require any further information or help in using the ICT Hardware & Peripherals Equipment Framework Agreement, please feel free to contact Jane Edwards via [email protected] 

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