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New Facilities Management Services Framework


CPC’s new Facilities Management Services (FM) framework is a re-tender of the previous Total Facilities Management (TFM) framework. Through discussions with CPC members and suppliers of the previous agreement, the decision was made to re-tender with the services listed below as they were found to cover the vast majority of member’s needs.  

When creating this new framework, the intention was to increase competition by allowing a larger regional supplier base for member institutions to award to and encourage longer term contracts so that members can benefit 

New flexibilities have also been built into the new framework, to allow members to add services during the contract term and develop a facilities management service specific to them as well as have a direct award option. 

The list of services included, but not limited to, in the new framework are:  

  1. Building cleaning services 
  2. Mechanical, electrical and building fabric maintenance services 
  3. Catering services including vending
  4. Security services 
  5. Waste management services 
  6. Grounds maintenance services 
  7. Estates management     
  8. CCTV 
  9. CAFM (computer aided facilities management) and Helpdesk
  10. Portable appliance testing
  11. Maintenance of firefighting equipment and systems
  12. Cleaning of the external building fabric, lighting, signage and fixtures and fittings
  13. Pest control
  14. Emergency response, Key holding and out of hours call out
  15. Additional services – reception, postal, energy, water, laundry

Facilities management services is important in the education sector yet buying facilities management services can often be one of the most complex areas of procurement.  

Using this framework agreement, you can procure an outsourced facilities management service and design them to best meet the needs of your institution. You can start from as few as any 2 services and grow the portfolio with your chosen provider over the term of your contract (more details are available in the user guide on the dedicated framework page).  

The framework will save you time as you won’t need to complete a full Find a Tender (FAT) process every time and it provides regional and national competition.  

This framework will allow your organisation to plan and develop your own path to a full total facilities management package. The list of services is also not exhaustive, allowing the flexibility to add further services to your facilities management contract which are currently not listed. 

As procurement regulations develop and take on shape, there is a need to incorporate the delivery of social value into every contract, not just into above-threshold contracts, (which is soon set to be a mandatory requirement). This issue has already been addressed and therefore incorporated at framework level, with a commitment from all suppliers to help you identify, develop, deliver and measure social value through this contract.  

This is a new innovative and flexible framework to help and support all of our members during the coming years. Should you wish to discuss with us how best to use this framework or have any other related issues such as social value, please contact Contract Manager Ekkehard Kugler on [email protected] or 0161 974 0964.  

The CPL Group offer procurement consultancy services which are delivered by our employed team of procurement professionals at Tenet Education Services. If you do not have the time or expertise within your organisation to manage a complex tender, please contact Craig Lockley on [email protected] or 07535 650629 for a no-obligation discussion. 

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