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New framework for White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances


CPC’s White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances framework has been established for the provision of a wide range of items from small appliances such as toasters and irons to large appliances such as fridge-freezers and washing machines. You can find more information on the products available within the scope of the agreement on our dedicated framework page.  

The scope also includes televisions, spare parts and some additional services, such as the installation and disposal of white goods and electrical appliances.  

Additional services  

The following additional services are included on a non-mandatory basis but the scope and nature of the services may differ by supplier:   

  • Installation- This service can be either outsourced or carried out internally. 
  • The supply of spare parts - This does not necessarily mean that the supplier holds stock of spare parts, it might be that they facilitate the supply of parts through the manufacturer. 
  • Repair and maintenance- As the agreement seeks to prioritise the prevention of waste generation, suppliers were asked whether they could offer repair and maintenance services, either directly or indirectly. Some white goods and electrical appliance suppliers can therefore offer this as an in-house service, whereas some can offer a managed subcontractors for this service. 
  • Recycling & disposal services 

The framework has been divided into the following lots:   

Lot 1: White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances (Great Britain and British Isles) 

Lot 2: White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances (Northern Ireland) 

The scope is the same for both Lots 1 and 2, with the two lots having different regional coverage.   

Benefits of the framework  

The benefits of using this framework agreement are: 

  • Advantageous pricing based on economies of scale from aggregated spend which is fixed for 12 months.
  • Volume rebates.
  • Access to services supporting the maintenance of assets and the compliant disposal of redundant assets through a variety of routes that maximise the higher tiers of the waste hierarchy. 
  • A single exercise to establish the overarching agreement and establish the Terms and Conditions of the framework.
  • Reduced administrative effort and associated cost savings.
  • The development of a longer term relationship with suppliers which is mutually beneficial.
  • You have the ability to call off from the agreement as and when required rather than needing to undertake a full tender process.
  • The framework allows for the flexibility to determine specific requirements at the call off stage.
  • Framework agreements support longer term business planning as they span a period of typically four years and allow some stability from market fluctuations.  

This framework agreement allows you to buy through either of the following three options:  

  • Direct Award 
  • Direct Award using the desktop calculator 
  • Mini Competition 

You should choose the option most appropriate to your purchase, taking into consideration; your organisational procurement guidance and financial regulations, the product or service you wish to purchase and the specific requirements of your organisation. 

Suppliers on the framework are able to provide a wide array of products outside the products provided within the basket. Any such products will be subject to the cost-plus pricing structure applied to the basket.  

All prices tendered are treated as ceiling rates meaning that they cannot be exceeded at call-off but they may be reduced at mini-competition. 

To find out more information, please visit our dedicated White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances framework page or contact Ekke Kugler, Category Manager on: [email protected] or 0161 974 0964.  

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