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New Procurement Insights launched for FD audience


By CPC Helpdesk

CPC recently published the inaugural edition of Procurement Insights -  a new, concise and commentary-centred newsletter, designed to inform a specific audience, as we endeavour to Support, Plan and Deliver. 

This project differs from our regular CPC Newsletter, as its key focus is to target, update and educate finance managers and directors directly, through content curated with them in mind. 

The debut issue leads on the reclassification of FE colleges, as well as summarising the establishment of the Procurement Act 2023 and what it means for them as we soon head into 2024. 

With a reader-friendly design keeping our PDF content to a manageable two pages, both stories link to expanded pieces on the CPC site, for those wishing to explore in greater detail. 

If you are an FD and would like to receive future issues, we invite you to follow this link, with the next edition to serve as an accompanying piece to the UK Government's Knowledge Drops for contracting authorities.

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