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Paint and decorating supplies price changes


By Lisa O'Shea

ICI Paints Akzonobel (known more commonly as Dulux) have recently been going through an internal process of assessing their products and sales figures which has led to some changes to their pricing structure to all customers.

CPC have been in discussing with National Account Manager Ian Gisbourne, in order to gain an understanding as to why these changes are taking place and what effect this is likely to have on our members that may be current or future customers to Dulux. Ian said:

“We have taken the decision to change our pricing structure after both internal and external discussions with customers. We have hundreds of products and – prior to this change – each product had up to 52 different prices. This was very difficult to manage and was not as transparent as we would like. We have therefore made the decision to change our pricing structure to ensure it is fairer for all. We now have three pricing families – volume, premium and specialist. The volume products include our basic white paint and there are volume rates set up – put simply the more you buy, the less you pay. The Premium products are our most popular and include our Vinyl Matt and durable (Diamond) products. Due to the CPC buying power, there are therefore very good rates set up. The specialist products are more niche and there is one price set up for all. This is unless you have a large requirement – in which case, you can give us a call and we can look to set up project pricing.

The changes in prices are not a wholesale price rise – in fact some products have come down considerably in price. We have made the changes across the board – for all customers regardless of whether they are a school, painting contractor or any other entity that buys paint. We have made this decision as we want to engage with all customers and this new structure is a simpler, fairer way of doing so.”

Please contact [email protected] for further details.

Having compared the price lines assessed at the framework tender stage to the recently proposed pricing put forward from Dulux, we have been unable to see any drastic alterations to price and as a result these changes have been accepted. The overall average price increase has come in at around 5%, with some lines increasing and other lines decreasing. A full updated price list is available on Dulux’s individual CPC website page.

Any member that has any queries or concerns around these changes or the Paint and Decorating Supplies framework as a whole should contact Lisa O’Shea, Contracting Officer on [email protected] or 0161 974 0947.

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